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Welcome All- A Few Things to Keep In Mind:

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Friday, March 18, 2011

In Which Story Contemplates the Possibility of King Arthur Star Wars Style

So, I'm reading Maurice Broaddus' King Maker, which is a modern day, reincarnation retelling.  And there is this fantastic line that I cannot stop thinking about (pg 39).
Merle waved his fingers in front of him as if with a sudden display of jazz hands.  "These are not the droids you are looking for."
Warning for small spoilers and Story's insanity under the cut

For those who haven't guessed, Merle is Merlin.  Which of course in Story's mind leads to Merle=Merlin=Jedi Master Merlin!

If I had the time (which I don't), I would so write a Star Wars/King Arthur crack!fic.  I've been thinking about it all day.  As I was telling Dark Angel Kiely, the interesting paradox is that Luke is a hero with an evil father and Arthur is a hero with an evil son.  So... it would have to follow the theory where the Rebel Alliance is actually a bunch of terrorists but tweak it so it's more of a twist on Britain's break from Rome.  Which would make King Arthur Darth Vader and the Emperor Rome (thus explaining Arthur!Vader's heel turn at the end and his death at the hands of Rome!Emperor).  I think Luke/Leia would have to be merged into one character as Mordred because he would have to both be playing a hugely active part in the Rebel Alliance from the beginning and have a grasp on the Pendragon magic.  Although, I would love to throw Lynette into the Leia role (nixing the Vader daughter aspect) which would make Gaheris Han Solo (or would that be Gaheris as Leia and Lynette as Han Solo... I like this one better).

Of course, all this leads to Morgan Le Fay as Obi-Wan Kenobi. 

Jabba is obviously the Red Knight Ironside of the Savage Damsel tale because the Jabba arch in Return of the Jedi is all about Leia/Han.

Dinadan as C-3PO I think-- him being the smart one who likes to tell everyone they've lost their minds.  And, get this!  It will totally blow your mind if you think about it-- Accolon is R2-D2 (R2 steals the knowledge of the Death Star and brings it to Obi-Wan/ Accolon steals Excalibur and brings it to Morgan).  Chewy is the dwarf from the Savage Damsel tale.  Lando is tricky.  If Gaheris is Hans Solo, then Lando is Gareth or Gawain.  If Lynette is Hans Solo, then Lando is Lyoness. 

I like Yoda as the Lady of the Lake.

I take it all back!  I'm writing this thing now.

(I suppose if we're thinking prequels, then Qui-Gon Jinn is Merlin (And Gwen is Padme and Lancelot is a delusion of Arthur's sent by the Emperor to make him kill Gwen).  Which means Liam Neeson is Merlin which is a whole other level of awesome thinky thoughts)

Goodnight everybody.

~Storyteller Knight

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